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SCITS 2018 Fall Affiliates Meeting

Event Details:

Thursday, November 29, 2018 - Friday, November 30, 2018


Pioneer Building
3617 N. Big Spring Room 1102
Midland, TX 79705
United States

The affiliate meetings are intended for the SCITS affiliate members and invited guests.  If you need access to the files below please contact Denise Baughman.



November 29 - 30, 2018 

November 29

  1. SCITS Financial and Administrative Information, Claudia Baroni
  2. Physics-based hazard forecast for induced earthquakes, Cornelius Langenbruch 
  3. DAS: Game changing technology for monitoring, Biondo Biondi
  4. The Importance of Data-Driven Seismology for Understanding Induced Seismicity, Greg Beroza 
  5. Real-time FAST for TexNet earthquakes, Yongsoo Park
  6. Using dense seismic arrays for induced earthquakes, Zack Spica 
  7. Using crustal structure to improve magnitude and ground motion prediction, Fatimah Al-Ismail
  8. Applying machine learning for analysis of induced earthquakes, Mostafa Mosavi
  9. Identification of potentially active faults, Mark Zoback
  10. State of stress in the Permian Basin and other unconventional plays, Jens Erik Lund Snee
  11. Physical understanding of induced earthquake hazards, Langenbruch
  12. Deformation in the Delaware Basin Measured from Sentinel-1A/B InSARData and its Relationship to Induced Seismicity, Pepin

November 30 

  1. Initial look at Delaware Basin seismicity, Bill Ellsworth
  2. Reducing the hazard of induced earthquakes – what we need to know, Cornelius Langenbruch
  3. FSP 2.0, Suvrat Lele 

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