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SCITS 2021 Fall Affiliate Meeting

Event Details:

Monday, December 6, 2021


Virtual Webinar


Presentations (password required)

  1. Update on seismicity near Midland and Odessa (Bill Ellsworth, Jeong-Ung Woo, Ankush Singh, Ganyu Teng and Jack Baker)
  2. Stanton, Texas earthquake sequence (Jeong-Ung Woo)
  3. 3D Modeling of Fault-Zone Injection and Slip in the Cooper Basin, Australia, Geothermal Project (Taiyi Wang and Eric Dunham)
  4. Ways to Utilize High-Resolution Earthquake Catalogs for Induced Seismicity (Yongsoo Park, Greg Beroza and Bill Ellsworth)
  5. Statistical bounds on how induced seismicity stops (Ryan Schultz, Bill Ellsworth and Greg Beroza)
  6. Software for setting risk-based Traffic Light Protocols (Ryan Schultz)
  7. CCS and Induced Seismicity (Mark Zoback)

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